Christian Bale is John Connor in T4?

Our last news regarding “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins” (geez, that’s some clunky title there, guys, nice work) was not a happy one: McG, he of the “Charlie’s Angels” flash and little else, had been confirmed as director. Now the latest T4 rumor that is flying around the Internet like wildfire is that Christian Bale, he of the very substantial “Batman Begins”, will be assaying the role of an adult John Connor in the film. Or at least that’s the rumor being floated by the boys over at AICN, who bases their reporting as having come from an “extremely trusted source who has never been wrong before.” Well there’s always a first, boys.


We know Bale takes his shit seriously. And if you saw 3:10 TO YUMA… just imagine him coming out of his mountain and beginning the process of taking out SKYNET. With Bale as Conner – that means that we have a great chance that McG is pulling a chair up and will deliver. It all depends on that script… it is obvious we’re dealing now with an adult, GREAT MILITARY LEADER storyline … How he got the remnants of civilization together, trained them, armed them and began a guerilla war that eventually, we hope, brings down SKYNET.

Yes, Bale does indeed “take his shit seriously”, but why in the world would Christian Bale, a mega movie star of action movies and dramas, play a character who, it has been reported, won’t even be the focus of the movie? From everything I’ve read reported on the would-be trilogy, the storyline will be moving away from the John Connor character, and following a new hero that we have not met yet. Yes, John Connor will be around, as he must, but he won’t be the star of the trilogy.

Then again, if the makers of T4 were able to wrangle Bale into taking the lead, I’m sure they would be more than willing to change their trilogy’s storyline. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Or hey, how about a third option: Maybe Bale is in T4, but maybe he won’t be playing John Connor (a secondary character) or even a Terminator (who wants to follow Ah-nuld?), but instead he’ll be playing the new character that the new trilogy is supposed to be focused on, as we’ve all read in the past? CHUD thinks so.

Christian Bale is John Conner in T4?