Christian Bale Will be One of Zhang Yimou’s Nanjing Heroes

Not content to just rule over Gotham City and lose ridiculous amounts of weight for his movies, Christian Bale will now put on the Church colors and save some Chinese people from those wacky Imperialist Japanese army. Bale is set to make his Chinese film debut in “Nanjing Heroes” for “Hero” director Zhang Yimou, in yet another re-telling of the Nanjing Massacre. The movie will be set in 1937 and star Bale as an American priest in Nanjing, China name John who helps hundreds of Chinese civilians escape a brutal massacre in the city by the invading Japanese troops during World War II.

Says Zhang about casting Bale:

I met Christian in America and was impressed with his serious book research for the role.

The film will apparently feature plenty of hefty CGI and special effects, not to mention war on an epic scale, given that the film is boasting a mammoth $90 million budget. (Your average Hollywood movie budget, but a major anomaly by Chinese film industry standards.)

40% of the film will be shot in English and the rest in Mandarin Chinese. Which means if Bale goes on one of his patent on-set tirades, the cast/crew won’t be able to understand most of it. And I think we can all agree, that’s a good thing.

'40% tirade? That's still 40% awesome!'