Christian Bale Will Not be Charged for Assault

His mom and his older sister said he assaulted them while they were at a London hotel; he said he didn’t do it. And now the officials agree — with Bruce Wayne. A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service (which I guess is like the District Attorney over there or something — what am I, your London Law correspondent?) says there is “insufficient evidence” to charge Bale for assaulting the mum and sis, thus all charges have been dropped on the actor. What are they kidding? Of COURSE there would be “insufficient evidence”. This is Batman we’re talking about. He’s good at covering his tracks. They don’t call him the world’s greatest detective for nothing, you know.

The Guardian says as such:

A [Crown Prosecution Service] spokesman said: “We can today confirm that we have advised the Metropolitan Police Service that the actor Christian Bale should not face any charges following an incident which occurred in relation to his mother and sister at the Dorchester hotel on 21 July this year.”

The CPS said they found “insufficient evidence” to support the reasonable prospect of a conviction.

Bale’s mother, Jenny, 61, and sister, Sharon, 40, made the complaint the day after the alleged attack. This was also the day of the European premiere of Bale’s latest film, The Dark Knight. Their claims were passed on to Scotland Yard, who questioned Bale the day after he attended the event in London’s Leicester Square.

You know what this means: no more “loans” to the family Across the Pond.

Christian Bale Assault Charges