Christian Slater and Michael Jai White’s Freaky Deaky Heads to DVD This February

Christian Slater and Sabina Gadecki in Freaky Deaky (2012) Movie Image

At one point I think Charlie Matthau’s “Freaky Deaky”, starring Christian Slater and Michael Jai White and based on a novel by crime novelist Elmore Leonard, was supposed to be a big movie. Or at least, a movie with a theatrical release in its future. That, uh, apparently didn’t work out, and the film is bypassing theaters completely now for a DVD/Blu-ray release next month. Okay, just DVD. I don’t think they’re even shelling out the extra bucks for a Blu-ray release on this one, which should tell you something.

I’ve been covering this title since 2010, and at one point it had a cast that included “Arrow’s” Katie Cassidy, along with Matt Dillion and Brendan Fraser. The film comes home after playing the festival circuit, including a stint at Tribeca.

Chris Mankowski (Billy Burke) used to be on the Detroit Police bomb squad, but it’s not until he’s transferred to sex crimes that he gets a real taste of juggling dynamite. After falling for the lovely Greta Wyatt (Sabina Gadecki), he gets suspended for investigating the rich, powerful and drunk Woody Ricks (Crispin Glover). Taking matters into his own hands, Mankowski quickly realizes it won’t be easy to get justice for Greta. From former Black Panther Donnell Lewis (Michael Jai White) to sexy ex-fugitive Robin Abbott (Breanne Racano) and her erstwhile bombing partner Skip Gibbs (Christian Slater), everyone wants something from Ricks. With all these unscrupulous deviants in the mix, one thing’s for certain… it’s gonna get freaky!

Also starring Crispin Glover, Billy Burke, Andy Dick, Bill Duke, Mark Saul, Sabina Gadecki, Gloria Hendry, and Breanne Racano.

The film arrives on DVD February 26, 2013 courtesy of Entertainment One. Since they didn’t even bother with a Blu-ray release, it probably comes as no surprise that the movie’s special features include a lonely Making-of Featurette and done.

Freaky Deaky (2012) Movie DVD Cover