Christian Slater in Spy Show for NBC

Despite what you may have heard, No, Christian Slater wasn’t skiing one day in the Colorado mountains when Bigfoot came out of nowhere and ate him, leaving no traces for the authorities to find except a lone Converse sneaker. Christian Slater is very much still alive and kicking, and will be appearing in a spanking new series for NBC later this year. The premise: Slater is a suburban dad with an alter ego who just happens to be a spy. Yeah, I’d like to see how that works, too.


The project — from Universal Media Studios, where Smilovic has an overall deal — originally was developed as a feature at Fox several years ago. It is described as “The Bourne Identity” meets “Jekyll & Hyde” and centers on a mild-mannered suburban dad (Slater) who learns that his alter ego is a spy.

A series order for the Slater-Smilovic drama would be in line with NBC’s new mandate to forgo producing expensive pilots by picking up more projects straight to series.

The series was conceived by writer/producer Jason Smilovic, who also worked on “The Bionic Woman” for NBC. Oops, maybe we shouldn’t have mention that other show…

Christian Slater in Spy Show for NBC