Christian Slater vs. An Assassin’s Bullet

Assassin's Bullet (2012) Movie Poster

Christian Slater is out to save the world in “Assassin’s Bullet” (also known as “Sofia”), the former “Pump up the Volume” star’s latest (mostly) direct-to-DVD action movie for “Undisputed” director Isaac Florentine, who is building up quite the filmography in DVDland. (By the way, has it actually been 22 years since “Pump Up the Volume”? I love that movie. Hard Harry forever!) Anyhoo. Check out a trailer, poster, and images from the actioner below, people who enjoy checking out assets from upcoming action movies. So the killer is a woman. I hope that’s not some kind of surprise in the movie cause, well, it’s all over the trailer, isn’t it?

When an unknown vigilante begins killing high-priority terrorists from America’s Most Wanted list in Europe, a former FBI field agent (Christian Slater) is brought in by the US Ambassador (Donald Sutherland) to discover the identity of the assassin.

The film also co-stars Donald Sutherland, Elika Portnoy, and Timothy Spall.

Slater slays’em in theaters August 3, 2012. My guess is it will be a limited release, with the film doing most of its business on VOD earlier, then DVD later.