Christophe Gans to Direct Onimusha Movie

French director Christophe Gans has been attached to direct the movie version of the popular game “Onimusha”, reports IGN. As a filmmaker, Gans broke into the scene with the underrated “Crying Freeman” in 1995, before breaking through with 2001’s “Brotherhood of the Wolf”. He then made the trip to Hollywood, and in 2006 directed the videogame-to-movie version of “Silent Hill”, which was not received kindly by critics, but did prove to be a modest commercial hit. By doing “Onimusha”, it would be Gans’ second videogame-to-movie project in a roll.

Some info about the game from Wikipedia for those not familiar with it:

Onimusha: Warlords is the first game of the Onimusha series. The game features samurai Samanosuke Akechi, modeled after actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, [who is] determined to save Princess Yuki of the Saito clan and defeat Nobunaga, [who was] resurrected after signing a pact with demons. The game also features Kaede, an expert female ninja who provides Samanosuke with information. Kaede was originally sent to assassinate Samanosuke by the Iga clan of ninja, but had a change of heart and develops trust and deep feelings of love (as shown in Onimusha Blade Warriors) for the samurai and agrees to join him as his confidant. Samansosuke travels throughout all of Inabayama Castle where he searches for clues of Princess Yuki’s whereabouts, finds special weapons, and solves various puzzles.

Gans will be directing the projected $70 million movie from a script by Leslie Kruger and John Collee (“Master and Commander”). The production is scheduled to begin next February in China, with an eye toward a December 2009 opening.

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