Christopher Eccleston Replaces Murray as Destro on G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe villain Destro is a hard man to cast, but someone’s gotta do it. According to IESB, former Doctor Who and Heroes star Christopher Eccleston has now replaced David Murray at the last minute to play Destro. Why the sudden change? Apparently Irishman Murray failed to get his work visas in order in time for the film’s February 13th start date in the U.S. Oops.


Studio sources say Murray is a phenomenal actor with a great body of work and are disheartened that he was unable to get his immigration issues in order before the film was set to start shooting.

Well, although the higher ups were dismayed that Murray would not be able to play the role, what’s a studio to do other than re-cast? Paramount Pictures has confirmed, the actor will no longer be in the film, instead they have given the role of Destro to Chris Eccleston.

This is certainly good news. I’d never heard of Murray, but Eccleston is a known name, and is a great actor to boot. He also does a pretty mean villain, or anti-hero, if his Claude the Invisible Man on Heroes is any indication.


The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the re-casting.

Christopher Eccleston Replaces Murray as Destro on G.I. Joe