Christopher McQuarrie Adapting Star Blazers aka Space Battleship Yamato


Or at least, he will be adapting a live-action movie based on the “Star Blazers” animated series when producer David Ellison finally nails down the rights to the 1970s animated science fiction TV series.

“Star Blazers” was the name of the Westernized/International broadcast version of the Japanese animated series “Space Battleship Yamato”, itself getting the live-action big-screen treatment over in Japan. You can see trailers for it here, so basically this is what you’re getting with a “Star Blazers” movie if one actually ever gets made.

Or perhaps something along the lines of the recent “Battlestar Galactica” re-imagining, given the whole “save the human race from alien menace” plot and all. The Japanese version will probably be much more faithful, but I suspect McQuarrie and company will be going for more “grit and gritty” with the storyline.

The animated “Star Blazers” ran for three seasons in the States and helped make serialized animated storytelling popular worldwide.

Author: Nix

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  • Anonymous

    Bad idea on so many levels. If this ends up being made as “Star Blazers: The Movie,” it’d be like making a movie called “Robotech” featuring a character named Rick Hunter. If it goes for a “Galactica” take, then I guess we can look forward to an amazing first half that’s completely obliterated by a conclusion filled with shallow political/religious naval gazing worthy of a shitty poli-sci essay from a high school freshman.

  • super-ramen

    stop it america!

  • Reginald S

    Just redo it as a cartoon !

  • Claudio Leme

    After watching the japanese movie I would wait hopeful for a new version. The japanese version was self-killing and with a really sad end, and I would hope for something better with this series. Something along the Galactica´s treatment in redoing the series could be really intersting, and with possibilities for a sequel, something the japanese movie killed completely.

  • Claudio Leme

    As for being faithful to the anime, forget it. The movie changed some very basic things from the series, and some of the said changes killed the possibility of a sequel like the anime story arcs even if by some cheap trick they get a sequel under way.

    After Spock coming back in Star Trek all those years ago anything is possible…and the lack of real final sequences with the Yamato can even make an escape way easier, although not likely, as any sequel would be totally different form the anime original series…