Christopher McQuarrie Bringing Jack Reacher to the Big Screen


Is Lee Child’s Jack Reacher finally going to punch and badass his way to the big screen? Possibly, if Christopher McQuarrie and Paramount have their way. The writer/director of “The Unusual Suspects” and “Persons Unknown” has boarded the studio’s “One Shot”, a big-screen adaptation of Child’s novel of the same name. “One Shot” is the ninth in the series, which means it’s one of the installments I haven’t gotten to yet, though that’s likely to change now that I know “One Shot” will be the first of what the studio is no doubt hoping will be a launching pad for a Jack Reacher franchise.

The hero of “One Shot” is Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman who spends his time wandering the byroads and backroads of America after leaving the Army. Since that in itself would make a boring novel, the laconic and slightly hobo-ish Reacher finds himself in the thick of some dangerous situation that, invariably, involves him busting heads and not taking names with swift efficiency in the name of justice. Reacher is definitely not like a lot of big screen heroes you’ve seen before — he doesn’t own a home, has no bills, no job, no living relative that he knows of, and instead of lugging around clothes or laundering them when they get dirty, he just buys cheap new ones and moves on. And oh yeah, he’s real smart, and big, and did I mention he’s a one-man wrecking crew?

In “One Shot”, Reacher becomes involved when an ex-sniper shoots up some civilians and sends for him. The villains are Russian types, but again, I haven’t read the book yet, so I really can’t say. If you’re wondering if it’s wise to jump-start a franchise with the ninth novel in a long established series, it probably doesn’t really matter, because Lee Child’s novels are pretty self-contained entries, and even when characters from past novels show up, the author rarely bothers to link them with a previous book.

Besides writing and adapting “One Shot”, McQuarrie is also eyeing the director’s chair, which would make the film his first since 2000’s excellent and criminally under-appreciated “Way of the Gun”.

Author: Nix

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  • yobrockoli

    Fantastic. Love Reacher and McQuarrie.

  • Smlim

    OMG, I've been saying for months his series would make an awesome movie… LOL Too bad Clint is too old cause I always saw the character as similar to his old western movies!!!! Hmmmm!!! Now i'm gonna wonder who they gonna cast.

    • Cm9272

      Please, Please tell me that Tom Cruise has not been cast as the totally macho man Jack Reacher, my imagination is good but no way is that good.

  • Winkads

    this dude should be jack reacher:

    • Morri24

      Totally Agree

    • Lee Joseph Stevens

      Ken Kirzinger
      – Yes, Much better than that Ben Whats his name

    • Lee Joseph Stevens

      Ken Kirzinger
      – Yes, Much better than that Ben Whats his name

  • JasaLoc
  • JasaLoc

    Seriously though, size and physicality are a huge part of the Jack Reacher character. If a “normal” actor is cast (Ben Browder, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe) it becomes just another by-the-numbers action flick.

  • Dave

    It’s gotta be Kevin Durand

  • L00smoos69

    I’l be Jack

  • ReacherKiCKAZZ

    I would love to see this movie made but i dont think it will cause hollywood only wants to remake old movies and comic book movie now they will not make a movie that is not something that has already been done before over and over

  • Graeme Thelwell

    at last a reacher movie! cant wait but if u are going to make one it should be Tripwire. that is the best of the series in my opinion!

  • Movieqween

    I agree Tripwire was excellent!! Maybe it will be the next movie. Plus I always thought Tom Selleck would make the best Reacher (my opinion)