Christopher McQuarrie Confirms He’s Directing Mission Impossible 5

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise on the set of Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Image

On Twitter, of course. What, this is 2013. Everyone does everything on Twitter. Even get fired from their jobs. Or in the case of Christopher McQuarrie, confirm that he’s getting one.

The writer/director has confirmed on the social networking site that he’s “decided” to accept the “Mission Impossible 5” gig. Or as he writes, in regards to a follower’s question about the fifth installment in the spy franchise:

McQuarrie was previously attached to the gig, but it was not confirmed that he would step behind the camera for Paramount and star Tom Cruise. With Brad Bird, director of the previous installment having moved on to “Tomorrowland”, it was clear he wouldn’t be back.

“Mission Impossible 5” would re-team McQuarrie and Cruise, who previously worked together as director/actor (respectively) on the adaptation of the Lee Child novel “Jack Reacher”. McQuarrie has also previously done lots of script doctoring for Cruise’s movies, so I guess they’re kinda pals.