Christopher McQuarrie is Crossing the Rubicon

Christopher McQuarrieChristopher McQuarrie is suddenly a very busy man. Post-2000’s “Way of the Gun”, which was also his directorial debut, McQuarrie has spent most of his time writing and doctoring Hollywood movie scripts, but will soon be making his second film with the Tom Cruise-starrer “One Shot”, that Jack Reacher movie that, thanks to Cruise’s casting, you’re either really looking forward to or dreading.

Now McQuarrie, along with producers Mark Long and Dan Capel, will be heading into a suddenly very crowded Navy SEALs territory with “Rubicon”, a property co-created by the threesome that is intended to become a movie, comic book, and even videogame. McQuarrie himself will write, produce and direct “Rubicon” the movie, though when he’ll have time to actually do all those three things remains to be seen.

“Rubicon” will be set in Afghanistan, and will feature a team of Navy SEALs taking on the Taliban in what is being described as very “The Seven Samurai”-ish. Which, uh, might not bode well for the members of the SEALs, since in every incarnation of the “Seven Samurai”, most of them die at the end. Just sayin’.

The property will have a substantial comic book component, which you’ll be able to find out more about at New York Comic Con this weekend. (By the way, yes, there’s a reason the cover below looks familiar; they’re aping an image from Akira Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” — further down.)

Rubicon Comic Book Cover

The Seven Samurai Movie Image