Christopher McQuarrie Officially Accepts Mission Impossible 5

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise on the set of Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Image

He’s long been rumored as the latest man to helm the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, and yesterday Christopher McQuarrie made it official: he’s accepted Paramount’s mission to direct Tom Cruise in the untitled fifth installment of the series.

McQuarrie himself made the announcement on Twitter:

Tom Cruise, who starred in McQuarrie’s second film “Jack Reacher” last year (his first since 2000’s “Way of the Gun”), put out a statement welcoming his buddy to the “M:I” fold:

I am thrilled to reunite with Chris for the latest installment in the Mission series. I began producing the films with the goal that a different director with his own vision would make each one. Chris is an extraordinary filmmaker who will deliver the heart-pounding action and thrills that audiences around the world have come to expect.

Cruise, of course, will reprise the role of M:I uber agent Ethan Hawke. McQuarrie will direct from a script by “Iron Man 3’s” Drew Pearce. Given that McQuarrie has been working as a script doctor for years since winning an Oscar for “The Usual Suspects”, he’ll probably be taking a pass or two at that script first before production starts.

The last film, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” grossed $694 million worldwide.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2 (2000) Movie Image