Christopher McQuarrie Targets Colin Firth in Three To Kill

Three to Kill Book CoverI’m still amazed it took this long for Christopher McQuarrie to suddenly become a big name. Then again, I still contend that his 2000 film “Way of the Gun” is a masterpiece waiting to be appreciated. I guess McQuarrie has buddy Tom Cruise to thank for his current popularity. “Jack Reacher” wasn’t a major hit, but it was enough of a hit that McQuarrie is now getting his choice of projects.

He’s already directing Cruise again in “Mission Impossible 5”, not to mention about a half dozen other projects he’s either writing or directing, including the “Star Blazers” adaptation. Now he’s added the adaptation of the book “Three To Kill” to his list of “things I want to do, but will probably not get around to actually doing”.

Based on the book by Jean-Patrick Manchette, “Three to Kill” will star Colin Firth as “a disillusioned businessman [who] witnesses a murder and finds himself being hunted by two relentless sociopaths.”

Well, it’s a good thing he’s a disillusioned businessman, I guess, because if he wasn’t, being chased by two relentless sociopaths might really suck.

This is French author Manchette’s second book to get the Hollywood treatment. His first, “The Prone Gunman,” was recently adapted by Pierre Morel as “The Gunman”, starring Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Idris Elba. See some pics from that movie here.

So what are the chances that McQuarrie will actually manage to squeeze in “Three to Kill” between “Mission Impossible 5”, a possible “Jack Reacher” sequel, and that big-budget “Star Blazers” adaptation? Your guess is as good as mine. But this isn’t unusual. When a director becomes “hot”, every studio wants to work with him. See Justin Lin, Pierre Morel, etc.

It’s how Hollywood operates — monkey see, monkey do.

Christopher McQuarrie and Caleb Deschanel on the set of Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Image

“I’m definitely directing this movie next. Oh wait, or maybe the other one…”

Via : Deadline