Christopher McQuarrie Will Probably Direct Mission Impossible 5

Christopher McQuarrieIf Christopher McQuarrie, Paramount, and Tom Cruise all agree, that is. Which is looking like they will sooner rather than later, the trio having previously worked together on a number of projects, including the upcoming “Jack Reacher”, the first in what everyone hopes will be a movie franchise based on the series of bestselling action novels by Lee Child.

After he directed Cruise in “Jack Reacher”, it looks like Paramount would like the duo to continue their winning ways on the fifth “Mission Impossible” movie, which as Cruise has commented previously, he’s already scouting locations for.

McQuarrie, post-“The Usual Suspects” (for which he won an Oscar for best original screenplay) and, I think, one of the most underrated crime films of all time, “The Way of the Gun”, has been Cruise’s go-to guy on a number of projects that the actor has brought him onboard to rewrite, sometimes without credit. It looks like McQuarrie is tired of doing stuff for no credit, though, as his suddenly prolific big-screen endeavors can attest. Directing “Mission Impossible 5” would be his biggest endeavor yet, I would think.

The last “Mission Impossible” film, the Brad Bird-directed “Ghost Protocol” grossed just under $700 million worldwide when everyone thought Cruise’s time on the franchise was over. So yeah, you can see how Paramount would want to get this bad boy into theaters as soon as possible. And having McQuarrie and Cruise onboard would also be very safe.

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Image

Via : Deadline