Christopher Nolan Has Reportedly Been Offered Bond

Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Image

Christopher Nolan, last seen sending Batman flying off into the sunset in “The Dark Knight Rises” and currently hard at work on his sci-fi epic “Interstellar”, is reportedly said to have been offered the reins of the next James Bond movie.

The Daily Mail quotes unnamed sources as saying that “informal talks have begun between Nolan, his representatives and the powers behind the James Bond pictures” for Nolan to take over Bond 24 after “Skyfall’s” Sam Mendes bailed on the sequel in favor of theater work.

“Skyfall”, as you’ll recall, grossed over $1 billion dollars, becoming the highest grossing Bond movie of all time, despite some shoddy scripting and plotting and what was, in my opinion, an incredibly lame Third Act that involved Bond fighting villains “Home Alone”-style.

Daniel Craig is expected to return as Bond whenever the 24th movie in the franchise begins shooting. From the sounds of it, that’s still a long ways off, especially if Nolan is directing. “Interstellar”, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain should be a huge production and will probably occupy Nolan’s time for the next year and half.