Christopher Nolan is Going Into Outer Space For his Next Movie Interstellar

Christopher Nolan on the set of Inception (2010) Movie Image

I think the big question on everyone’s mind ever since “The Dark Knight Rises” wrapped was, “What the heck is Christopher Nolan going to do next?” Cause let’s face it, the guy picks some really interesting topics. Well now we may have our answer.

The trades are reporting that Nolan is currently in negotiations to direct the sci-fi time-travel movie “Interstellar”, based on an original script by his little brother Jonathan Nolan. The script currently resides with Paramount and Warner Bros., which, coincidentally, is also where Nolan’s shingle is based, and where he’s done a lot of his recent films.

So yeah, this is probably a done deal.

Steven Spielberg was originally attached to direct “Interstellar” as far back as 2007. So what made two of the biggest directors in the world want to direct this thing?

The plot apparently involves “explorers who find a wormhole and use it to travel through time and into another dimension.”

More details, of course, to come…


Via : Moviehole (Variety)