Christopher Nolan is Not a Fan of 3D, But Doesn’t Rule it Out Completely

Who would have thought that Christopher Nolan, who seems to have an amazing eye for high-tech gadgets and the wired world in his films (especially in the upcoming “Inception”), would be so averse to tech in the real world? According to the director, who was attending the Hero Complex Film Festival this Saturday, he never surfs the web, and he doesn’t use email or cellphones. The reason? Because not bothering with those gadgets that some people can’t live without today “gives [him] time to think”.

When it comes to the current 3D fad (aka Hollywood’s new Gold Rush), Nolan says he chose not to do it for a reason, but from the sounds of it, he doesn’t completely rule it out on future movies, which is probably music to the ears of Warner Bros. suits who are probably begging him to go 3D with “Batman 3”. Via Heat Vision:

“I’m not a huge fan of 3D… We did tests on ‘Inception’ to look at the post conversion process. And they worked very well. It’s quite easy to do, in fact. But it takes a little time, and we didn’t have the time to do it to the standard that I would have been happy… But really it’s going to be up to audiences to decide how they want to watch their films.”

My guess? You’ll see a Nolan 3D movie in a few years. That is, if the trend doesn’t die out by then.

Nolan’s “Inception” opens July 16, 2010.