Christopher Nolan Rules Out the Joker’s Return, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze for Batman 3


If Christopher Nolan has his way (and he’s gonna, the studio would be nuts to not to let him have his way every which way he wants it until the cows come home, or at least until his films stop making $100 million bucks in its opening week, which is probably not anytime soon with “Inception” on the horizon), then the Joker’s return for “Batman 3″ (with someone else replacing the late Heath Ledger) is completely and absolutely out of the question. He also adds that the Penguin and Mr. Freeze have not been ruled out of “Batman 3″, but there isn’t any mention of Catwoman, which gives us all hope Rachel Weisz might eventually show up in skintight pleather some day.

Talking to the UK’s Empire Magazine (via Dark Horizon), on newsstands now for you reading types, Nolan also confirms that he has not officially signed on to “Batman 3″, though his brother Jonah is actively working on the script with David Goyer and one presumes that means it’s only a matter of formality.

According to Nolan, his third “Batman” movie won’t just be a stand-alone film, filler material if you will, but the third entry in what he envisions as a trilogy that will bring Batman full circle from “Batman Begins”, which certainly sounds like he intends for this to be his final film in the series.

And finally, he also talks about the upcoming “Superman” reboot, which Nolan has famously been attached to as a “Godfather”, meaning he’ll probably end up producing and having a huge say in the script, which his “Batman” writer David Goyer will be the frontman on. He also seems to indicate that Goyer’s pitch for the reboot, which Warner Bros. has set them to develop, will be going the “Batman Begins” route, with a darker version of the Man of Steel than we’ve seen before onscreen. I still don’t know how that would work (Supes ain’t nicknamed “The Big Boy Scout” for nothing, you know), but I’m sure if anyone could make it work, Nolan is probably your best bet.

As for those hoping for a Batman-Superman crossover — you can forget about it. Nolan doesn’t think it would work, and has no plans for it.

Meanwhile, Nolan is finishing up his obligations to “Inception”, which he envisions as taking another few months. It’s only after that’s done that he says he can start working on his next project, which is likely “Batman 3″.

'So, yeah, I'm probably coming back for part 3, guys. Probably. Maybe. I'm sure. Well...'

Author: Nix

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  • my sleep number is 50

    i think the villain who makes the most sense for the next film is hush, he is the most nolan like rouge in batman's gallery and he would fit in swimmingly with the film series' dark tone, go hush or go home, please no riddler

  • romeogarcia

    I think that the riddler is the obvious choice i mean i dont think they bring back the scarecrow back..and the joker is out of the question….like two face….so my only hope is waiting!!!!

  • Brendangeary88

    I hope its riddler, with a Nolan touch. I mean that character reeks of Nolan's presence. I want them to have the Riddler a sort of, Se7en (Kevin Spacey's character) style villain. A creepy, psychotic, out for blood, insane villain that was so inspired by the Joker, he takes a similar theatrical persona, The Riddler, one who will test batman as never before.

    If they make the character a dark, psychopathic villain like Kevin Spacey's portrayed in Se7en, I think it has no limits to what they can do with the story. I can just envision Nolan creating all these mind games, cause after all, thats what Nolan is good at.

  • ULIK

    I'd like to see The Riddler(but nothing at all similar to The Joker) Talia Al Ghul(as an anti-heroine) and Bane. End it with Batman's assumed demise but with respect regained for him within Gotham. While someon else like NightWing takes over the mantle.

  • J.X. Grewal

    Don't think about the villain. Think about what the THEME will be for the last film, and from that you'll be able to figure out a potential villain

    Themes of BB
    Fear = from fear, Bruce becomes Batman. Scarecrow/Falcone use fear as power over enemies.

    Themes of DK
    Chaos = Joker, enough said.
    Escalation = Mob bosses pushing back against the Bats, and in turn releasing the agent of chaos.
    Good Vs Evil = Harvey Dent,

  • Annie

    I'd love to see that Riddler. Seems like a natural, and awesome, progression away from Heath's Joker whose absence will be felt regardless of how the next installment is written.

    A darker Nolanesque Superman feels more like a parlor trick than a fresh approach to me, but I'll keep an open mind. I guess. If I have to.

  • iAREren

    A dark Riddler would make a nice villain to complete Nolan's trilogy. He wants to be caught, is intentionally leaving clues behind, and is always a step ahead of Batman. Mind games galore!

    I wouldn't mind seeing Catwoman either, but I see her as more of a support character than a main villain for a Nolan movie.

    I think Hush and Hugo Strange would make great villains as well. Or, you know, they could make Ra's al Ghul come back. It's what he does, after all. =P

  • Dnnz123

    I think it would only be fitting to honor the joker by having his mentally disturbed love interest Harley Quinn shake things up. Perhaps she and catwoman can form a pretty dark alliance while they both fight for personal glory along with the obvious choice (the RIDDLER!!!)

  • thestrongestthereis

    I said it back when the last movie ended. The Riddler would be the best choice because he is one of the only characters that they haven't done already that would fit into a real world at all, Even Catwoman seems far fetched but I have faith in Nolan if he chooses to tackle her. Riddler should be a mixture between the Riddler in the comics with a darker look like Jim Carey had in the number 23 (alternate world noir character with the tattoos, hidden by clothing to be revealed later as the motives of the character changes to a more darker mindset). With the above starting point and the fact that it would allow Nolan to go mind numbingly off the chart with the types of movies he loves doing, aka Mindbenders. Perfect.

    As Ulik and Ded know, I'm a huge fan of Slade as well.

    I truly only wish we were far enough along in the storyline to bring in Bain as he truly is in the comics. Brains and Brawn “The Man who Broke the Bat”. Perhaps by the time I'm too old to care. hahaha!

  • ULIK

    @TSTI,yeah dude I agree The Riddler is a must, using The Riddler would reflect the REAL detective work that Batman is known for. Is'nt Batman supposed to be the Worlds Greatest Detective? So it's high time to show that properly with incredible mind games and traps set up by The Riddler. I don't want to see Catwoman at all!!!! Talia needs to be in this to truly end that chapter of Batman's life. Finally Bane would be the perfect way to properly retire Batman but in way where Batman is redeemed,loved and respected again in Gotham City. I'd love to see Batman get almost fatally beaten by Bane by but barely beats Bane with his wits with a little assistance form Talia. Then while Bane makes a final attempt to kill Batman a huge army of Batmen copy cats and citizens of Gotham gang up on Bane and kill him,thinking they he killed Batman. I'd like for Gotham honor Batman again and have a memorial for him at the end. The cool thing would be Batman is'nt actually dead and was helped to recuperate with Talia's help but lives the rest of his life in a monk in Tibet. Bring NightWing in somehow and let him take over the mantle of Batman but as NightWing. This way they can start a spin-off with NightWing and give Batman a rest for a while until a new director comes in and puts his spin on it.

    • Bigtucky

      Wow, I’m glad you don’t write scripts for movies, what a train-wreck that would be. Besides, wouldn’t you have to start with Robin first before moving into Nightwing? Dick Grayson gets pissed at batman and leaves and returns later as nightwing.