Christos Petropoulos’ Found Footage Flick Subconscious is Getting a Director’s Cut

Subconscious (2010) Movie Image

Director Christos Petropoulos’ found footage flick “Subconscious” is a film that remains criminally unseen by just about everyone on the planet. Although it made the festival rounds a few years back, the movie was unable to find the audience it rightfully deserved. Apparently Petropoulos has been hard at work refining his endeavor, as he’s preparing to drop the director’s cut on the masses at some point in the near future.

Check out the synopsis if you don’t remember this one:

Having lost his entire family in a traffic accident, Fanis is tormented by the same dream every night: lost in a forest in pitch black darkness he always ends up at an eerie – looking Christian Orthodox makeshift shrine. On an internet search to find out the reasons and origins of this persistent religious dream he understands that some of the people he meets online are not who they say they are. And most importantly, they seem to have a darker other side. Having witnessed the sinister reality behind these online acquaintances he decides to make a video documentary of his 7th, and probably last case.

“Subconscious” stars Fanis Katrivesis and the gorgeous Danijela Radovanovic. You can find the trailer for the director’s cut embedded below this passage. As soon as I figure out when Christos Petropoulos plans to release the new version, I’ll be sure to pass the word along to you. In the meantime, be sure to check out our review for the flick.