Chuck Norris Isn’t Coming Back for The Expendables 3


Chuck Norris in The Expendables 2 (2012) Movie Image

If there’s an “Expendables 3″, that is. At this point, I’m not sure if that’s a guaranteed thing anymore. Although it took #1 at the box office over the weekend, “The Expendables 2″ failed to reach the mark set by the first movie in 2010, opening lower than industry expectations. And the second one costs more to make, too, which is never a good thing. (Hey, those bullet squibs don’t come cheap, you know.)

But just in case there is a third “Expendables”, can we expect to see Chuck Norris back as Booker? According to the man himself, that’s a negative, with Norris telling Access Hollywood on the Red Carpet of “The Expendables 2″ premiere that “this is the last one” for him. It certainly sounds as if Norris just came back to goof around with his buddies Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and not really as a means to a career resurgence as I might have hoped. Which I guess makes sense — the guy is in his ’70s, after all, though you wouldn’t know that by looking at him.

But if you do want the rest of the Expendables back for the third time ’round, go see the movie this weekend. It’s much better than the first film (though honestly, that’s not saying much), and a lot more fun to boot. Norris is also one of the film’s major highlights.

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Author: Nix

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  • BelmontHeir

    I’m actually in the minority that prefers the first film to the second (I wasn’t a fan of Simon West’s directing), but I’m still sad to hear that Chuck won’t be returning for the sequel. I could tell from my screening, even though it wasn’t well attended, that Chuck was a big part of the film’s draw for people.

  • Arthur

    I think “The Expendables” films are taking a curtain call after the 2nd one. Sly and Arnold are making their own films again. I am looking forward to seeing “The Expendables 2″ for Van Damme and Norris; wish David Carradine was still here because he could have been in the sequel and if Snipes was out, him too. But as far as hardcore action goes, give me the Indonesian film “The Raid: Redemption” (Mad Dog was wicked!), the French film “District B-13″, some Tony Jaa (“Ong Bak”, “Tom Yum Goong”) and Jija Yanin (“Chocolate”, “Raging Phoenix”) and some Wu Jing (“Invisible Target”, “Legendary Assassin”, “SPL”), Nicholas Tse (“Time And Tide”, “The Beast Stalker”, “The Viral Factor”) and ole Sammo Hung (“SPL”, “Ip Man 2″). Jet Li can still go too, and of course Donnie Yen (he was incredible in “Ip Man”). Jason Statham always delivers too. Nathan Jones should have been in “The Expendables 2″ because he was awesome in “Fearless”, “Tom Yum Goong” and “The Condemned”. Bolo Yeung should have been in the sequel as well. Btw, nice to see “Double Impact” coming to blu-ray.

  • sin isfree

    1st one is much better, the 2nd one is more fun, but WTF happen with Jet li character !?!