Chuck’s Returning – Why I’m Hopeful, And Why I’m Worried

Chuck_1It’s finally official – “Chuck” is coming back, earlier than what previous rumors told us. Instead of the unfortunate March release date that some anticipated, two back-to-back episodes of “Chuck” will be airing Sunday, January 10, and then the show will immediately fall into its new slot, Mondays at 8. This means that, from January 10-11, we’ll be getting the first three episodes of the new 13 episode season.

For those that aren’t aware, “Chuck” is a comedy/drama about a man who, due to the actions of a former friend, has been sucked into the world of spies. It received much critical acclaim, and after the second season subsided at the show’s future was bleak, a “Save Chuck” campaign convinced NBC to bring the show back for a third season. **Spoiler Alerts** The second season ended in a somewhat strange fashion – Chuck “absorbed” the new Intersect, which not only gave him more government information lodged into his brain, he also learned martial arts that allowed him to defeat a room full of enemy spies.

I loved the final episode, but was somewhat put off by this ending. In a way that’s difficult to describe, the whole idea seemed kind of “cheesy”, though it may just be the fact that this could change the entire dynamic of the series that bothered me. Before, a main aspect of the series was Chuck’s ineptitude when it came to spy work. However, throughout the second season, with the final episode being the last “push”, Chuck has delved deeper and deeper into the worlds of Sarah and Casey.

Still, even if this “Chuck Fu” idea doesn’t pan out in the way that the writers intended, we can still look forward to another great season. The fact that “Captain Awesome” has knowledge of Chuck’s endeavours is something I was looking forward to for the entire show, and that is sure to be quite influential in this new season.

Watch out for Chuck’s season premiere on Sunday, January 10!