Ciaran Foy’s Irish Horror Effort Citadel Coming to North American Theaters

Do you know what I hate? Children. Doesn’t matter who or what they are — I hate ’em all pretty equally. When they’re not getting greasy fingerprints all over everything, they’re kidnapping folks or stabbing people with dirty syringes. Seriously! Director Ciaran Foy’s upcoming genre flick “Citadel” pits a father and a priest against a gang of feral children in an effort to save a little girl from their sinister clutches. The film was a pretty big hit at SXSW, and how the film has been acquired by Cinedigm and New Video for North American distribution.

For an in-depth look at the plot, you should read this:

Citadel is a story about pure terror. Packs of twisted feral children prowl the dark urban landscape of Edens town, the council estate from Hell. Concealed beneath hooded tops, they attack innocent adults with septic syringes to harvest their blood and abduct small children to swell their ranks. Abandoned by the police, the small community that remains is plagued by the brutal and rampant gangs that few truly understand. Emerging at night, they are especially drawn to anyone showing fear – in fact they can see it and sense it. When Tommy¹s pregnant wife Joanne is viciously attacked, it turns his world upside down. Joanne is left in a coma. As a result of the trauma, Tommy suffers crippling agoraphobia rendering him housebound and barely able to look after their infant daughter Elsa. Trapped in Edenstown, Tommy desperately needs to leave. Before he can escape however, Tommy’s worst nightmare comes true – Elsa is kidnapped. To save his daughter, he is forced to trust a vigilante priest who understands the horrific truth about the gangs. Tommy must now face the demons of his past by entering the one place that he fears the most – an abandoned tower block called the Citadel.

As of this writing, the film does not have a release date, though it’s rumored that the film will enjoy a limited theatrical run at some point this year. Here’s hoping it plays somewhere near my home, though I’m not going to hold my breath or anything. Been there and done that. If you missed the trailer, take a peek at the embedded video.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second