Cinemax Adds a Third Action Series to the Sandbox

Cinemax LogoRemember when Cinemax was known affectionately by bored, lonely men everywhere as Skinemax for their, shall we say, infamous line-up of movies involving, er, scantily clad women, usually starring Shannon Tweed? Well that’s the past. The channel has re-branded itself in recent years as an action channel, and they’re on something of a role.

If you haven’t been watching Cinemax’s new action-adventure series “Strike Back”, you really should give it a shot, it’s one of the better action shows on TV, premium cable channel or not. With “Strike Back” already airing and “The Transporter” TV series set to premiere soon, Cinemax has now added a third action-adventure series to their line-up.

The new series will be called “Sandbox”, and the premise finds “a group of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who return to the Coachella Valley to discover their hometown has been overrun by criminals. The men decide to use the skills they learned in combat to clean up the town, with unexpected results.”

The new show is from “Red Dawn” writers Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore, with former “24” guy Steve Kronish doing showrunner duties.

Special Forces Soldiers in Afghanistan