Cinemax’s Awesome Strike Back Returns Tonight with Season 3

Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester in Strike Back Episode 4.1

Hey, check it out, fans of awesome things. One of the most awesome things on TV right now, Cinemax’s “Strike Back” is returning to the airwaves tonight for its third season (fourth season if you’re counting the British version). That’s right, there’s finally a reason to stay home on Fridays and watch TV! (Or, er, just DVR it and come back and watch it later. I mean, what is this, 2008?)

Check out a preview of “Strike Back’s” Season 3 premiere episode below:

Enjoying a long-deserved vacation, Scott and Stonebridge are recalled after a fellow Section 20 member dies while pursuing the elusive terrorist al-Zuhari in Beirut.

Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton return as Stonebridge and Scott, respectively, along with Rhona Mitra as their boss and the always criminally underused Michelle Lukes. Robson Green and Milauna Jackson join the current season.