CJ Entertainment America Bringing South Korean Cinema to the States

I adore South Koeran cinema. Action, drama, horror, romance — I’ll honestly watch it all. There’s something about the country’s cinematic output that clicks with my sensibilities, so much so that I often find myself devoting more of my free time to it than the stuff coming out of Hollywood these days. I’m honestly not trying to sound like some sort of film snob; I just find that the films from this region are more in tune with that I enjoy right now.

CJ Entertainment America, the US arm of CJ Entertainment & Media, is about to make my addiction a bit more collectable. The company is preparing to release its own films on DVD this summer, starting with Lee Hyun-Seung’s “Hindsight” and Kim Hyung-Jun’s “No Mercy”. Both thrillers are scheduled to hit DVD on July 31st, 2012, with a Blu-ray release to follow. Until this point, the company’s titles were handled by the likes of Tartan, Magnolia, Wellgo, and IFC.

In addition to dipping their toes into the North American distribution game, CJ Entertainment America is also dabbling in production. Presently, the company is in a co-venture partnership with a handful of studios for the American release/remake of such films as “A Bittersweet Life”, “Mr. Vengeance”, and “A Man from Nowhere”.

If you don’t know a single thing about “Hindsight” and “No Mercy”, you can begin correcting this issue by investigating the trailers embedded below. Before returning to your awesome life, check out James Mudge’s review of “Hindsight” by heading over here.