Clash of the Titans 2 Gets Wrathful New/Old Title

Yeah, not super new new news, but apparently Warner Bros. has decided to go back with the title they’ve been playing with for their upcoming sequel to “Clash of the Titans”. That is, “Wrath of the Titans”. Which, if you’ll recall, was the title the sequel was going with before the studio decided they didn’t want to use it. Now, apparently, they’ve decided it was a pretty good title after all. Or some such.

So, more like a going back to what they had in mind before, and less of a title “change”.

Either way, “Wrath of the Titans” returns Sam Worthington as Perseus in front of the camera, with “Battle: Los Angeles'” Jonathan Liebesman taking over for Louis Leterrier behind the camera. Rosamund Pike also takes over the Andromeda role from Alexa Davalos, but Gemma Arterton as Io, Perseus’ love interest in the first film, is rumored out of the sequel.

The sequel will be set 10 years after the first movie, with Perseus now saddled with a Perseus Jr., when angry God dude Ares (Edgar Ramírez) starts causing trouble, forcing our retired fisherman demi-God to pick up his sword once again and go on a deity killing spree. Or some such.

The titans get their wrath on March 30, 2012.