Clash Of The Titans Behind The Scenes Featurette: The Gods Speak!

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It’s a featurette kids, not a feature, or really a trailer, but a mini documentary where actors, in this case Sam Worthington (Perseus) Liam Neeson (Zeus!) Ralph Fiennes (Hades), the completely awesome Mads Mikkelsen (Draco and please see the “Valhalla Rising” video) among others, discuss the terrible difficulty of god and demi-god existence. Oh how the robes chaff, it’s impossible to get good ambrosia these days and dude you do not want to have to clean up a  Kraken hairball.

“Clash Of The Titans” looks wonderfully old school. Lots of screaming, fists clenched, jaws squared, swords pointed high at Mount Olympus or down to Hell while squashed upon humans frothily scream bloody vengeance. I’m in. Clash opens on April 2nd.

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