Clash Of The Titans Could Be A Trilogy

And by “could be” I mean “most likely, almost certainly, would be”. According to Director Louis Leterrier, they already have plans to make two more sequels if the upcoming Clash of The Titans remake does well in the box office. And lets be honest, we all know it’s gonna.

According to, they’re so certain there’s going to be two more Titans that Leterrier has already written the two other movies. In fact, it looks like they planned this from the beginning:

“I wrote two other movies… It was three movies. Warners came to me and said ‘we’ll greenlight your movie if you promise us [two more.]'” He continues, “You can tell that that story the story doesn’t end at the Clash of the Titans… And I said ‘thanks a lot’ because I love doing that. And I had to write two stories. So Clash of the Titans is, and especially ‘Titans’ is, actually a bigger movie. So ‘Titans’ are coming.”

But don’t get too excited. According to Leterrier, fans are going to have to wait 3 years before the next sequel comes out. That’s just enough time for the more obsessive fans to create strange cults based on Sam Worthington’s character, but seriously, when has that ever happened in the past?