Clash of the Titans Writer Heads to the Pacific Rim

Legendary Pictures, perhaps feeling their legendary oats, has snatched up the sci-fi actioner “Pacific Rim” from “Clash of the Titans” writer Travis Beacham, based on the screenwriter’s 25-page treatment. Set in one of those undetermined futures, “Pacific Rim” concerns malevolent creatures threatening the earth, forcing Mother Earth’s populace to put aside their differences and team up to kick some alien ass with the help of advanced technology. Lasers, death rays, and other assorted sci-fi tech stuff comes into play, one presumes.

Legendary Pictures is looking at making “Pacific Rim” into a major summer tentpole film, and they’ve got Sam Raimi’s “World of Warcraft” on the horizon, as well as potential sci-fi epics in a “Godzilla” reboot and the movie “Mass Effect”, based on the popular game.

Beacham is also not sitting on his butt after the success of “Clash of the Titans”. He’s currently scripting Fox’s version of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” for the brothers Scott, and he’s got the “Black Hole” remake on tap.

Nothing stops an alien invasion like squiggly white laser thingies.