Clint Eastwood Puts the Kibosh on a Dirty Harry Sequel

Straight from the horse’s mouth, kids: There will be no more “Dirty Harry” movies because, at his (Clint Eastwood’s) age, it wouldn’t make sense for him to still be on the police force. That’s according to Dirty Harry himself, who put the kibosh on any possibility of a Dirty Harry sequel with him in the lead. Of course, this doesn’t mean some entrepreneuring producer won’t “reboot” the franchise. In fact, I would expect an announcement pretty soon; that’s how sad Hollywood has gotten nowadays.

The AP has more on Eastwood’s announcement:

[Clint Eastwood] laid to rest the notion that he might revive Harry…

Eastwood, who turns 78 on May 31, went on to add that “Dirty Harry would not be on the police department at my age, so we’ll move on from that…

Whatever reaction it had, it was great fun at that time,” Eastwood said. “It was a fantasy role. You point a .44 Magnum at someone and say, `Do you feel lucky?'”

You gotta respect a man who realizes his age. Seeing Eastwood back as Dirty Harry would be silly and just downright sad.

As previously reported, Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” has nothing to do with Dirty Harry.

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