Clint Eastwood to Act Again in Gran Torino

It’s hard to imagine someone like Clint Eastwood retiring; despite his age, the guy just looks healthy. And he’s feeling pretty spry, it would appear, as Eastwood has agreed to take on the dual role of actor and director again for an upcoming movie called “Gran Torino”, which is scheduled to get released sometime this December. Which means Eastwood is going to start production and get this movie out by this year. Now I’ve heard that Eastwood works fast (William Goldman says as much in his book “Adventures in the Screen Trade”), but come on, this is a little ridiculous, especially for an old guy.


Details of “Torino” are being kept under tantalizingly tight wraps. Existence of the film, and Eastwood’s role, were only revealed on Tuesday when Warner quietly dated the movie for sometime in December.

Producers are Rob Lorenz, Eastwood’s partner at Malpaso Prods., and Billy Gerber. Exec producers are Jenette Kahn and Adam Richman at Double Nickel Ent.

It’s unclear when the movie will begin shooting, or if it has already begun production. Eastwood is known for quick production turnarounds.

So, wow, even Variety isn’t sure if the movie is already shooting or if it plans to start shooting. And no one has heard about this movie before now? Damn, we should hire these guys to run our CIA. Maybe then we can keep some damn secrets from the New York Times…

Clint Eastwood to Act Again in Gran Torino