Clip: Solomon Kane vs. the Hall of Mirrors

James Purefoy in Solomon Kane (2009) Movie Image

A clip from “Solomon Kane” has popped up online. It has Kane (James Purefoy) and some of his not-so merry men walking through a room full of supernatural mirrors. Or at least that’s what you’d call it when things can pop out of said mirrors and eat you. It’s a minute long and doesn’t really “climax”, but you get the idea of what director Michael J. Bassett is going for with the movie in terms of look and feel. The film itself doesn’t seem to have a U.S. release date yet, though has it scheduled to open in France later this month. You’re probably looking at a 2010 Stateside release.

Based on the creation of Robert E. Howard, the creator of “Conan” and “Kull”, Solomon Kane is a 16th century Puritan who owes his soul to the devil, forcing him to redeem himself by fighting evil.