Clive Barker’s Born Gets a Poster, Official Site

Clive Barker’s upcoming horror movie “Born”, about killer claymations (Are there any other kind? They’re evil, I tell ya!) gets a poster (below) and an official site at the movie’s production company website (here). I’m guessing they’ll eventually produce a splashier, flash-drowning “officier” site when the film is getting ready to be marketed. “Born” will star husband and wife team Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany, and is written by Dan Simpson, Paul Kaye, and Clive Barker, and directed by Dan Simpson. The film starts principal photography on August 9, 2007 in England.

Here’s the film’s official company line:

A young couple. A quaint English village.

A deadly secret.

This is the world of Born. Combining elements of The Sixth Sense, The Wicker Man, Rosemary’s Baby, and Straw Dogs, Born tells the story of a couple who thought they had found the perfect place to start a family and pursue their professional dreams, only to find themselves caught in a terrifying supernatural plot.

Joe and Vanessa thought they had everything. They’ve settled in an idyllic English town that will be perfect for both raising their unborn child and for Joe to build his dream claymation workshop. From the local hospitality to the rich red molding clay found in the town quarry, it would seem they’ve settled in paradise.

But something isn’t quite right.

The locals are almost too friendly, and while using the clay Joe begins to have eerie visions of a young girl’s murder. Gradually, the story being told in his animation foreshadows the fate of Joe and Vanessa, leading Born to a terrifying conclusion that will shock audiences, leaving them breathless.

Sounds like a ball.

Clive Barker