Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman Suit up for The Last Knights of AKO

Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood (1991) Movie ImageClive Owen and Morgan Freeman, both no strangers to bladed weapons in medieval settings, will headline a new action-adventure movie called “The Last Knights of AKO” for IF Entertainment. The studio is currently selling the title over at the American Film Market.

“The Last Knights of AKO” would star Owen and Freeman as “a band of warriors who seek to avenge the loss of their master at the hands of a corrupt emperor.”

Huh. Sounds a bit like a fantasy movie and less historical epic. We shall see, I guess. The film is currently targeting a November start on location in the Czech Republic. That is, if their foray at the AFM proves fruitful. If not, it would end up like most movies that didn’t sell — unmade.

For now, though, the film will be directed by Kazuaki Kiriya, the visually stimulating director of 2004’s “Casshern” and 2009’s “Goemon”. I’m not his biggest fan, but there’s no question the dude has style to burn. So if nothing else, “The Last Knights of AKO” (maybe they should just change the title to “The Last Knights”?) will look awesome. He’ll direct from a script by Michael Konyves.

You may remember that Clive Owen played King Arthur in the “re-imagining” of the Arthurian legend in “King Arthur”, while Freeman swung a sword alongside Kevin Costner in “Robin Hood”. Hopefully they won’t ask Freeman to do a lot of sword-swinging here. The man is getting pretty up there, after all. Owen can handle all the bladed action stuff, I think.

Clive Owen in King Arthur (2004) Movie Image

Via : Screen Daily