Clive Owen Gets Total Recall. No, Not THAT Total Recall.

Clive Owen has lost the mustache and ditched the ’80s, and will be jumping into the contemporary actioner “Recall” for Moonstone Entertainment.

The “Killer Elite” and “Shoot’em Up” star has signed on to front the action film “Recall”, which will find Owen playing “an NSA agent trying to piece together the events of a botched hostage rescue operation. As the agent begins to recall events and unearth the truth, he finds he can trust neither his fellow soldiers nor his own mind.”

“Raging Bull’s” Paul Schrader wrote the script.

“Recall” doesn’t have a director yet, or any other castmembers, but that isn’t stopping Moonstone from actively selling the film across different territories as we speak. In fact, they’re probably at lunch with some foreign folks doing just that right now. Probably.

Clive Owen in Killer Elite (2011) Movie Image

Via : Variety