Clive Owen Needs to Catch a Cab in Medallion

Clive Owen doesn’t do nearly enough action movies, but he’s pretty damn convincing when he gets a gun in his hand and gets to run around town with a five o’clock shadow shooting at people. He’ll get to do just that in his new action thriller “Medallion” for Parlay Films, where Owen will be playing a just-released former bank robber who has six hours to pay a $50 million dollar ransom after one of his old associates abducts his daughter and stuffs her into the trunk of one of Manhattan’s 12,000 or so cabs. Yeah, it’s that kind of a day.

The film, based on a script by David Guggenheim, doesn’t currently have a director yet (or at least, this Screen Daily article doesn’t mention one), but filming is expected to take place later this year on location in New York and Toronto.

Clive Owen’s last action thriller was the Tom Tykwer-directed “The International”, and he’s scheduled to co-star with Jason Statham in the sure-to-be-explosive actioner “The Killer Elite”.

Clive Owen really, really wants to catch that cab.