Cloverfield to Get New Trailer, Title Revealed

Geez, does anyone remember J.J. Abrams’ “Cloverfield”? You know, that movie everyone was all excited to see after the trailer showed up before “Transformers”, and the fact that it didn’t even have a movie title just got everyone even more excited? Well, that was then, and right now — uh, I don’t think Abrams could pay me to give two sheets of a fart what is movie is called. But hey, that’s just me. If you still want to know, word from the folks over at Coming Soon is that not only will there be a new “Cloverfield” trailer, but the title of the movie will also be revealed when the new trailer shows up before the animated “Beowulf” (you know, the animated movie where Angelina Jolie does what Angelina Jolie does best, which is get naked?) which is set for a November 16th, 2007 release.

“Cloverfield”, or “01-18-08”, or whatever the hell it’s going to be finally called, is expected out in theaters by January 18th, 2008, where it will eventually be revealed that the whole thing was a dream and that Bobby Sue was the one who shot J.R.

(And yes, you are really, really sad if you are still hanging on pins and needles waiting to find out the movie’s title. Get a girlfriend, sheesh.)

Updated: 11/01/07

CHUD has seen the trailer. Read their description of it here. But here’s the stuff you wanted to know:

The title is Cloverfield.
There are smaller monsters.
This movie will quite probably make a lot of people motion sick.