Cloverfield Update: Ethan Haas Was Right, a Glimpse of the Parasite

The guys over at film ick have noticed some snazzy blogs that have been set up as part of the viral marketing for J.J. Abrams’ top-secret “Cloverfield” monster movie. Basically it’s a series of faux personal “blogs” that you can go to and click to do this and then click more to do that to read this and see that and other nerd junk. To tell you the truth, it involves a hell of a lot of effort for not very much (a glimpse of the parasite, the monster of the movie, apparently, in its “ball” — which I’m assuming fell from the sky), but I know some of you geeks out there really love this stuff.

If you feel so inclined to run around the web chasing J.J. Abrams’ clues, head over to Cinematical and follow their instructions on how to play the games. The payoff, apparently, is learning about some guy name Ethan Haas who was right (or wrong) about the whole thing, and seeing a glimpse of the parasite.

Eh, I’m way too lazy to do any of this stuff. I’ll just let it play itself out and then post the pictures or images or whatever that comes out of the whole thing.

Here’s part of the uncovered “puzzle”. Focus on the “parasite” within:

Ethan Haas Was Right, a Glimpse of the Parasite