Cloverfield/1-18-08 Movie Update

Haven’t heard much from J.J. Abrams’ “Cloverfield” ever since the ending of the film got leaked. Besides a letter from Abrams’ crew threatening to sue me if I didn’t remove the call sheet that was posted, the boys at Bad Robot may have realized that their viral marketing scheme has created such a frenzy that their creation, as it were, had come back to bite them with the revealing of the film’s ending. In any case, the latest news from “Cloverfield” land is that apparently the 1-18-08 site now has a roaring monster if you leave the site open for a couple of minutes (wow, right?), and AICN has gotten a description of a long scene from the film which may or may not be true.

The new scene opens with several traumatized survivors, moving through a very dark corridor there’s slight cold blue illumination from halogen emergency lighting, a girl in the group is badly beaten up she’s bleeding and looks very sickly. The main group is comprised of 3 characters, Rob from the main trailer, the cameraman and a girl, though there may be others.

This scene takes place after the initial attack of “The monster” the scene we all saw in theatres. Rob is taking charge and telling everyone to keep calm, the girl says she doesn’t feel so good.

They limp along until US Army soldiers storm in shouting at them, demanding they drop they’re weapons, they shout back they’re unarmed, there’s a lot of commotion, then they’re herded briskly up some E.T style scientific tubing into a makeshift aid center, its very dark, threes lots of doctors tending to wounded and military walking about making the scene very busy. “What is that thing?” they ask as they catch their breath, the cryptic answer comes from a soldier “We don’t know, but it’s winning”

Read the rest of it here.

Meanwhile, the guys over at New York Mag has what may or may not be an image of the monster:

Some clever nerd on the Unfiction forum discovered that if you take the Cloverfield (a.k.a. Monstrous, a.k.a. 1-18-08, etc.) movie poster and mirror it, the smoke clouds above Manhattan almost look like a monster. Or the Virgin Mary. If you squint. Also, it probably helps if you’re high.

Here it is:

Cloverfield/1-18-08 Movie Monster