Cloverfield’s Matt Reeves to Helm Let the Right One In Remake

If you haven’t seen the original, or even knows it existed, then you probably won’t care that an American movie studio is once again mining foreign territories for a horror movie. This time they’ve thankfully avoided the Asian continent (seriously, how many times can you stand vengeful chicks with long black hair skulking about in the cinemas? it’s getting ridiculous), and gone over to Sweden instead, where “Cloverfield” producer J.J. Abrams picked up the remake rights for the vampire flick “Let the Right One In” many moons ago. He’s now handed the project over to Matt Reeves, director of “Cloverfield”, to write and direct.

THR has your dark tale:

The Swedish horror film, “Lat den ratte komma in,” about a bullied boy whose desire for revenge becomes intertwined with his growing love for a girl who happens to be a vampire, began showing at festivals at the beginning of the year. Hammer Films picked up the remake rights in May after the film won the best narrative feature award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The original film’s source material is a bestselling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

“I was immediately taken by both the novel and the Swedish film of ‘Let the Right One In,’ which are just so unique,” Reeves said. “I found them not only terrifying but incredibly moving, and I am very excited about adapting them into an American context.”

You can read our review of the original here.

It’s supposed to be one hell of a creepy little horror movie. How could it not be, when the vampire is a teenager with a thirst for blood? Plus, all that snow and cold just gives me the willies. For those hoping to see the original, Magnolia Pictures will be putting it out in limited release late October 2008.

Below: “I can’t go to school now, ma, I gotta go fight a vampire who lives next door. No, seriously!”

Let the Right One In