Cobie Smulders and New Images from Joss Whedon’s Agents of SHIELD

Cobie Smulders in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV Series

ABC has released a new batch of images from their upcoming “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”, the Joss Whedon-helmed show that will be set in the world of Marvel’s superheroes, though you probably shouldn’t expect to see Iron Man or the Hulk showing up anytime soon, especially since Robert Downey Jr. costs a few million for each appearance these days. On the other hand, you’ll get plenty of black-suited secret agent types beating the living beJesus out of normal people. Which is kinda cool, too.

The cast and crew of “SHIELD” recently had a big panel over at Comic Con, and from what I hear, the pilot episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” was shown to the gathered masses. Apparently it went over like gangbusters, but then again, pretty much anything that gets shown there goes over well. It’s the whole euphoria of being first to see something that translates into positive reviews. Of course, it could actually be great, who knows?

Anyways, other big news coming out of Comic Con has Cobie Smulders, Maria Hill herself, showing up in the pilot episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”. ABC has released new images, including a pair with Smulders.

SHIELD goes to work on ABC this September 24th.