Cobie Smulders Is In As Maria Hill In The Avengers


Marvel's Iron Man 3 PremiereRumors about Cobie Smulders, best known as her Canadian news anchor alter ego Robin Scherbatsky on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, joining the cast of Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” began flying earlier this week. In a quick transition from rumor to fact, Variety confirms that the British Columbia native is in the process of wrapping up a deal to play Maria Hill, right hand lady to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, and second in command at S.H.I.E.L.D. Smulders has appeared in small roles in a few films, and was linked to a proposed “Wonder Woman” adaptation, but this will be her first major movie role.

Smulder’s deal would integrate her S.H.I.E.L.D agent character in nine films, as is typical for actors landing roles in Marvel’s pics. Character would work closely with Jackson’s Nick Fury, and eventually becomes the head of the espionage and law enforcement group.

“The Avengers” is going to be something of a Marvel Studios all-star film, in both characters and cast. Notable superheroes including Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, will make appearances, as well as real life stars like Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, and of course, Jackson. Whedon is writing the script, and the whole shebang is scheduled to begin filming in April, while “How I Met Your Mother” is on a break.

“The Avengers” gets all heroic in theaters May 4, 2012.

Author: Brent McKnight

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  • Juggernaut

    Robin Sparkles… Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    • Dedpool

      LMAO!!! YES!!!

    • Dedpool

      LMAO!!! YES!!!

  • Maplebird


  • Ironfist fan# rogernator5000

    If only wasp and giantman was in here, also I hoped miss marvel could also get in + robin is hot kinda so I hope she doesn’t have to cut her hair short, to look more like maria hill, and well can’t wait of course

  • Theagent0fgod

    I’d preferred it if the Black Widow part was to be the second in command, right hand and that they would’ve brought another female lead for a major part.

    Sorry, I don’t like the Wasp, someone let’s say like Tigra, it’s to early for She Hulk.

    • Dedpool

      Don’t think they’d do Tigra, just too out there for them right now. I think they’re using Maria Hill because Black Widow is an operative.

  • Shawn

    I love her and am glad to see her getting noticed. I’m just afraid that this film will suffer from having too big a cast to fit into the scope of a feature film.