Cobie Smulders Talks Maria Hill in The Avengers, Gets Powers? – UPDATED

Cobie Smulders, Director Joss Whedon, and Samuel L. Jackson in The Avengers (2012) Movie Image

Cobie Smulders is one of the stars of CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother”, one of those shows that I always end up watching if I run across it while channel surfing, but have never actually sought out. It’s funny enough, just not, well, my cup of tea.

Maria Hill Comic CharacterAnyways, Smulders will be making a major splash in the movies when Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” assemble next year. She’ll be playing Maria Hill, Nick Fury’s right-hand man (er, woman) in the super spy agency SHIELD, the unit that has assembled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together to battle the menace of Loki and some super secret villain types. Maria Hill in the comics is a tough-as-nails SHIELD agent, but she doesn’t have powers. According to Smulders, though, that might have changed for the movie.

Talking to NYMag, Smulders said this about her character in “The Avengers”, starting with her costume…

They’re very sleek, and very leather. And she has superpowers and is hyperintelligent; a very nice, fine woman who has all the answers.

Hunh. Interesting. I wonder if she’s just throwing it out there without thinking and confusing intelligence with powers, or if changes have been made to her character? Is Maria Hill’s “hyperintelligence” her superpower? Or is she using the term “superpowers” in the general sense? After all, The Black Widow doesn’t actually have any “powers”, and neither does Tony Stark aka Iron Man, or Hawkeye…

Anyways, just an interesting minor tidbit for you “Avengers” fans out there, since we haven’t gotten anything juicy from the film in what seems like ages now.

UPDATE: Looks like Maria Hill won’t have powers after all. Vulture has updated their article, rewording Smulders’ quote to make that point clear.

I do. They’re very sleek, and very leather. And if she had a superpower it would be that she is hyperintelligent; a very nice, fine woman who has all the answers.

So there you have it. No powers for Maria Hill … as it should be.