Coco Reveals an Exclusive Clip from Michael Bay’s TMNT Movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I gotta admit, I didn’t really think Laird and Eastman’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” had such a rabid fanbase. I guess in a way this is very good news for Michael Bay, the object of much hatred from said fanbase, as it means there is a lot of interest for his upcoming reboot. Oh, let’s face it, even if the idea of the turtles hailing from outer space makes you shake with anger, you’re still going to go see this thing, if just to justify your hatred for the changes.

In any case, I’m still shocked that this has gotten such major airplay not only on the Interwebs (where I expected it to be mostly contained), but also in the mainstream press. I’ve seen this story on national news shows, for God’s sake, and now the late-night comedians are adding their voices to the discussion. And when the late-night guys get in on it, you know it’s saturated.

Here is Conan O’Brien’s take. He also did one better: he brought an exclusive clip from Michael Bay’s upcoming reboot. I honestly don’t know how he managed to get his hands on a clip so soon, but hey, that’s why he’s Coco and we’re not. Enjoy.