Coen Brothers True Grit Remake Finds its Mattie Ross

Anybody else daring to remake “True Grit” would be cause for alarm and justified foul language from the masses, but we’re talking about Joel and Ethan Coen here, and given their pedigree, allowances must be made. Surely, they must know something, or have something to add to the original movie to even consider remaking it? One hopes, anyway. Via Deadline, the brothers have now landed their Mattie Ross after an extensive search that included auditions with over 15,000 teenage girls. Now that’s a lot of teenage girls.

The actress is Hailee Steinfeld (top, left), who will play Mattie Ross in the remake, set to star Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, and Matt Dillion. Based on the novel by Charles Portis, “True Grit” would see Steinfeld playing 14-year old Mattie Ross, who is determined to bring in her father’s murderer (Brolin). To do so, she has to sober up hard-drinking U.S. marshal Rooster Cogburn (Bridges) to help her track the killer down before a Texas Ranger (Damon) gets to him first.

The Coens (“No Country for Old Men”) will write and direct, and produce along with Scott Rudin. Kim Darby played Ross in the original.

Chicks dig the eyepatch.