Cole Hauser to Assist Olympus From Falling

Cole Hauser in K-VILLE TV SeriesBut failing, obviously, or else there wouldn’t be much of a movie now, would there?

Cole Hauser, who recently wrapped a role in the latest “Die Hard” movie, where he re-teamed with Bruce Willis (the two having previously worked together on “Hart’s War” and “Tears of the Sun”), will now jump into the “Die Hard in a White House” movie “Olympus Has Fallen”, which is being directed by Antoine Fuqua, who previously directed Hauser and Willis in, yes, “Tears of the Sun”. (Full circle, baby, full circle.)

Hauser joins Gerard Butler, who is playing a disgraced Secret Service agent who must rescue the President (Aaron Eckhart) after he’s taken hostage, along with his staff and son, by North Korean bad guys bent on starting a world war or some other villainous plot and such. Hauser, who spends a lot of his time playing bad guys in the movies, will play a good guy this time around, a fellow Secret Service comrade of Butler’s.

Nu Image/Millennium’s “Olympus Has Fallen” is in a heated race with Sony’s own “Die Hard in a White House” movie “White House Down”, a film that essentially shares the exact same premise, including a heroic and unlikely Secret Service agent coming to the rescue. “White House” has Tatum Channing and “Olympus” has Butler. WHO YA GOT???

White House

Via : THR