Colin Farrell is Headed to Mars for Columbia Pictures’ Total Recall Reboot

Well, according to Variety, anyway. Hunky Irish heartthrob Colin Farrell has officially been offered the lead role in the upcoming “Total Recall” reboot over at Columbia Pictures. Directed by “Underworld” guru Len Wiseman and penned by Kurt “Equilibrium” Wimmer, the film promises to be a bit different than Verhoeven’s violent and suitably over-the-top sci-fi actioner. Truth be told, the idea of a remake doesn’t ruffle my feathers as much as I thought it would. I’m as shocked as you are.

Of course, Farrell is still in negotiations to take the part, so everything might fall through as soon as I publish this post. However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, as I think ol’ Colin will do a fine job with the material. Assuming, of course, that Wiseman doesn’t screw it up.

Don’t screw it up, Wiseman.