Colin Farrell Kills a Bunch of Dumbass Future Cops in First Total Recall Clip


Colin Farrell in Total Recall (2012) Movie Image

Sheesh. The cops in the future are really, really dumb. Now granted, I’m sure Colin Farrell’s character in the “Total Recall” is a super badass and whatnot, but come ON, he grabs one guy and shoots like a dozen more and they just stand there the whole time waiting for him to shoot them one by one by one? Dude. Maybe it’s all that sofa padding they have on that makes them move like snails. What’s the deal with that? I guess future cops spend a lot of time jumping out of windows or something that they need all those bulky padding. Just sayin’.

Here’s your first, heavily edited clip from Len Wiseman’s “Total Recall” reboot. It’s the same sequence you’ve probably seen a dozen times already by now, featuring Farrell going in for his recall fantasy, then John Cho pulls a gun on him, then cops show up, and Farrell kills everyone. This was really cool … when I saw it the first 24 times.

“Total Recall” also stars Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Jessica Biel, Ethan Hawke, Bokeem Woodbine, and Will Yun Lee, no doubt playing another bad guy. Asian actors always end up playing bad guys in Hollywood. Sheesh.

The film opens August 3, 2012.

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Author: Nix

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  • Danny

    Can’t wait for this film!

  • Joe_HTH

    Do you know how many great films I could nitpick to death using the same idiotic criticisms you just made? I could literally destroy a film like Blade Runner using such niggling, inconsequential criticisms.

    • Nix

      Len? Is that you?

  • Jademist17

    IMO, I wouldnt shoot at a man when some of my partners are engaging him at close proximity. Would you want to take a chance shooting one of your homies by mistake? None of them had a clear shot, especially since he was weaving through those guys with hand-to-hand combat.

    I thought that scene was pretty badass. =/

    • Nix

      Right. So even after he shot the 5th guy, you’re still worried you might hit all your comrades? The same comrades he’s killing one by one by one…?

      • Jademist17

        Hahah! Yeah, not sure myself, man. Just sayin if it were me, I’m not that confident in my marksmanship with a pistol against some dood takin out my homies all at close range as he’s weaving through them. I’d be frozen, and I’m not gonna risk taking out the guy who still owes me $65 for that eighter I sold him or my best man at my wedding. That shit would be hectic!

        From my perspective, Collin’s character was bobbing & weaving through those guys and using them as a shield in a way that didnt give the guys on the perimeter a clear shot while dishing out some black belt-level Gunkata.

        I wonder what the real protocol would be in this situation with actual cops and SWAT team people…I’m actually really curious about that. Do you open fire on a perp who is entangled with other cops, even when you have a clear shot yet you’re not a sharpshooter?

        Anyway, I have to agree with Joe_HTH too to a point. I watched “Princess Mononoke” with a couple gals and they nitpicked every little detail to death and made this great movie into an unwatchable, illogical mess. How far do you hold fictional fantasy-esque movies to real-world logic? Then there’s just lazy and crappy filmmaking that’s insulting to the audience.

        • Nix

          Joe_HTH, aka Len Wiseman, is being overly dramatic. I’m nitpicking THAT ONE SCENE, not the entire movie, and that’s only because they keep showing that same sequence over and over in every single clip, TV spot, and trailer. I’m just saying’ … Dude drops six of my guys in a roll, I’m gonna start blasting before he gets to ME instead of standing there like a slack-jawed yokel.

          • Jademist17

            I understand your point of view. Some people will act either by the book or will go into lizard brain and do things solely based on self-preservation. Now I gotta wonder about this: would people criticize this scene if the perimeter cops DID open fire? I can imagine some doods saying,”Seriously, what kind of dumbass cops would open fire on an assailant being engaged in close-quarters by fellow policeman?! That’s retarded friendly fire, and they’re supposed to be professionals!” It really is a matter of personal preference.

            I havent viewed the other clips, so I assume that the marketing folks and the rest of team must be really proud of that gun-fu scene.

          • Nix

            You’ll notice that when they first burst into the joint, they totally just slaughtered everyone, including poor, goateed Harold.

    • Urizen

      Actually, it looks to me like one or two of those guys do open fire and just miss at around 1:03.

      • Jademist17

        Good eye! On the 2nd look, I do see flashes from the cops’s guns at around that time.

  • Thecrow77

    I’m so pissed this was rated pg-13. I really doubt Len Wiseman filmed a pg-13 version of this movie. I am sure the studio execs made him cut it. I really hope there’s an unrated cut on dvd. The first one was R, why not keep the same rating for the remake. He obviously put the three-titted hooker in the remake. Now they’re not going to show it. Don’t care so much about that, but I really like to see my bloody bullet holes when I watch an action movie. Dammit I had high hopes for this film until I saw the official rating. Poor Len, they made him cut Live Free Or Die Hard too. I’ve seen the R rating for that and it was a much better movie. Next thing you know Judge Dredd will get hacked before its released too Studio SOB’s!

    • Dedpool

      Agreed 100% on all points!!!!

    • Nix

      PG-13 theatrically, R (aka Unrated) for DVD. It’s the studio’s sly way of double dipping on fans of a movie.