Colin Farrell Talks Total Recall Reboot, Says it Will be Different

Colin Farrell may or may not be in the Len Wiseman directed reboot of “Total Recall”. Okay, he’s probably doing it, but maybe not all the “i’s” have been dotted and “t’s” crossed yet, and so for some reasons he’s still hedging his bets, which doesn’t make sense because everyone basically says he’s doing it, except maybe they forgot to tell ol Colin. Anyways, he sounds like he really wants to do it, though, and said as much to MTV while doing press for his new movie with Peter Weir called “The Way Back”.

“It’s going to be beautiful,” Farrell told us of the world being created for the film. “Yeah, I saw some of the artwork, some of the pre-visualization stuff of the world that [Wiseman’s] folks are creating. And it’s really beautiful, really really cool. And I’ve had a good experience telling Philip K. Dick stories. Well, I’ve only had the one experience, but ‘Minority Report’ was such a blast. Yeah, this could be a lot of fun.”

He also says his and Wiseman’s version will be different from the Schwarzenegger version, and will stay truer to the original source material. Then again, they would have to say that, right? If just to justify rebooting it in the first place? See: “True Grit” by the Coens.

Farrell, as you’ll recall, co-starred with Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”, which was also based on a Philip K. Dick story.